Solar Vinyasa Yoga

A vigorous style of yoga ideal for the experienced yogi who I looking for accessible and empowering sequences. We will create heat in the bod, focusing on body movement with breath awareness, increase our range of motion, and promote deeper flexibility. Classes provide balancing series, twists, forward bending and backbends. Ending with a deep relaxation to bring peaceful thoughts and space in your mind. Classes will be in English and is open to all levels especially for those wanting a challenge.


Slow Flow Yoga


These classes will balance the body and mind, induce deep peace trough the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises). A relatively gentle and slow practice that is great for a Sunday afternoon. Leaving the class with feeling calm and refreshed. Classes will be taught in English and is open to all levels

Yin Yoga

A soft and gentle yoga class that focuses on stretching and lengthening the connective tissue. The pace of the class is slow and meditative. Postures are mainly done on floor and held for 3-5 minutes. In yin yoga breath is not controlled, and muscular effort is minimal. Students are encouraged to use their "yintuition" and allow the sensations of their bodies to guide through the practice. Whatever you feel like today – yin always works in your favor by calming you down when you feel stressed or energizing and refreshing you gently when you feel tired.
Suitable for beginners. Props like blocks, blankets and pillows are used (feel free to bring your own as well if you want). Wear warm, comfortable clothes. Class will be taught in English.


Restorative yoga

A moment of peace and stillness just for yourself – what could be a better way to end the week? This class focuses on deep relaxation, combining elements of yin and restorative yoga. Postures are held from 3 to 10 minutes, and props like blocks, blankets and pillows are used. Wear warm and comfortable clothes & maybe some extra layers. Suitable for beginners. Class will be taught in English.


Vinyasa poweryoga class


Dynamic vinyasa flow class that is based mainly on postures from ashtanga yoga primary series. Postures and movements are connected with breath, and the pace is faster than in our other yoga classes. Suitable for everyone since we start from the basics. The level and pace of the class progresses throughout the season, and new postures will be added. Wear comfortable clothes that you can sweat in. Class will be taught in English.